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Hi, I’m Darcie. I’m a wife – been married for 25 years now! So yes, I guess that makes me…OLD.  I’m a mother to a 19 year old son who started college this past year. He’s studying cybergaming, so yeah, we raised him right. 🙂  I’m a fitness freak, a Jesus Freak, a total gamer girl (PC), a definite introvert,  an avid book reader who hasn’t been as avid lately?, and I love all things fun, all things sparkly, and most things fitness.

I created the FitFunSparkle site to share my love of those things with others who are interested. I’ll even share them if you’re not interested. I’m just awesome that way.


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Blog Posts

August & September Challenge

I’ve decided to focus on some performance based challenges during August and September, and maybe through the remainder of the year. Sometimes when you’re working on a vanity goal (lose …

Overwatch Inspired Workouts!

Hey all, I finally finished my Overwatch workouts which I’ve been planning in my mind since about December! I teamed up with my alterego Crystabel (Momentum Initiative Gaming) . Here …

8 months???

Ok, wow, so I’ve been away a LOOOOONNNG time. Didn’t realize it!! Dec – February: I did a complete overhaul of my backyard…which I thought I’d posted pics of here! …