August & September Challenge

I’ve decided to focus on some performance based challenges during August and September, and maybe through the remainder of the year. Sometimes when you’re working on a vanity goal (lose a few pounds to lean up) and it isn’t happening, starting a goal that you can measure performance on is a good idea. Typically when you set a physical challenge in front of yourself and work on it, the fat will come off as well. Unless you’re going through a huge build phase… 🙂

My goals then:

Chin Ups – I used to be able to do quite a few, now i can do ZERO, okay, more like about 1/4 to 1/3 pull. I’d like to get up to 1, then 5, then 10.

Pull Ups – Always struggled more with these. I’d like to do 1, then 5.  Current – can’t even pull up a few inches.

(since i had someone ask the other day what the difference is: chin ups you do with your palms facing you, pull ups your palms face away. Chins recruit more bicep action, but still utilize your lats and are a perfectly acceptable variation. I like them more because I WANT to build my biceps)

Pushups-  50.  Back in 2010 i did a challenge where I worked up to 100 in a row. Some shoulder problems and a wrist injury has left me rather weak and now I can do 7. That’s right, I wear out at 7. I want to build to 50. I’ll consider 100 once I’m at 50.

Run 1 mile. I’m not interested in distance. And I am turtle of a runner. I just want to be able to run a mile without having to walk. Then I want to get under 10 minutes. Then I want to see just how fast I can get that mile done. My starter time was 12:33. I’ve gotten down to 12:00 even.

For lifting goals: BP 100. I always fizzle out around 85, and this past week while testing I couldn’t even push 85. Did 75 for 8.  Deadlift 225. It’s been a while since I pulled that and I’m currently finding 165 pretty heavy.  Hip Thrust 300. I did 275, no reason I can’t get to 300.  I haven’t done a test to see what my current max is for that, i’ll do that this week.

On the diet front I just want to focus on getting in more fiber, at least 20g. And increase my water intake which has dropped from 1.5 gallons a day to about 1/2 gallon. I’ve just been struggling the past few weeks to do anything. This past week though I did great on the fiber and the water. Workouts were meh. Turned out that my cycle came a week early so now I know why my energy levels were total crap.

so that’s where I’m at. I’m going to focus on making my workouts happen this week. M/W/F lifting. 2 days with the 1 mile run (maybe T/Sa). One bodyweight metabolic type workout…maybe Sat before or after the run.

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