I love to cook and bake. No, I don’t. I mean, I love the finished product of cooking and baking, but I’m not a fan of the process. Well, sometimes I am. Sometimes I’m not.

I really like getting new recipes, but I despise reading┬ádirections, and am too lazy to actually measure things out. There’s one item that I kinda measure – most of the time. Bread. Except that I don’t really because you know that making bread dough varies day by day and with humidity and different flour types (ok, I typed FLOWER the first time. I admit it. I changed it within seconds, but I can own up to it now.)—you never know exactly how much flour you’re going to add to get it right.

I think that Recipes (why capitalize that? not sure. why NOT?) are pretty much a starting point. They give you an idea of what to do, then you make it work the way you like it. You add spices you like, adjust amounts of things that you like more…or less. Add/Change the protein types, etc. They are a template to help you make something that is delicious to you and your family.

And so from those thoughts springs forth…….da da da da…..Recipes from the Ambiguous Imprecise Cooker Baker Person. Me.

Every week so often, not even remotely on a schedule of any sort, I will be posting “recipes” of stuff I made at some point in life and enjoyed. Good luck making them, because there won’t always be measurements, or cooking times, or maybe even ingredients. This is just another place for me to post stuff because I CAN!!!!

Recipes: (Kinda Sorta)

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups


Instant Pot Yogurt