The Crew Logo – These are simply samples and can be mixed – fonts, letter warp, word/letter placements, gradients, outlines, extras, shapes, etc.

1. Multicolor, thin black outline, Kristen Font, splatter, flag font warp

2. Sep colors, med black outline, inner white outline, Arial font

3. blue/orange gradient, inner white ridge, outer dk blue thin outline, Tekton font

4. orange/yellow, Maiandra font, vert/horiz

5. red/blue fade, segoe bold font

6. Font Forte, word warp twist, color batik, double outline (white/blue)

7. Hobo font, Wow Neon On (stroke = center)

8. Font – Magneto Bold, Red w/gradient stroke, black outline, track

9. Font- Rage Italic, wow off text, fire outline. –also no outline w/swirl