365 – Day 0

Info & Help:

365 Days of Verses– each day will have a verse written in multiple translations for the fullest understanding. Topics of Love, Peace, Joy, Faith, Endurance, Holiness, Praise, and more.

Some tips/info:

Look up the verse (if you’re not familiar with its context) and read before and after –as far back and forward as needed– to get the proper context.

Consider, ponder and think upon this verse throughout the day – how does it work in your life today?

Most will be a single verse that doesn’t connect to the day before or after, but sometimes there will be several days in a row to work on longer passages. For longer series reconnect each day to the verses before it.

Though some of God’s promises were only made for specific people at a specific time, seeing how He came through for them, and how He cares for those that are His, should give you encouragement.

Interspersed throughout will be some of the Names of God and their meanings, as you’ll likely see those names referenced in the Jewish inspired translations.

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