First Post!

Here I sit, trying to figure out how I want to start this blog. Things that raced through my mind earlier today have vanished. Oh, I have TONS of things I want to blog about.




So…how’s the weather in your area?

Yep, I guess it’s going to be that kind of day. I’ll start simple.

I just got back from vacation and I have a bit of extra weight holding on. Honestly, I didn’t do much damage at all on vacation- came back with not even a full pound gained. But the weekend after vacation totally did me in and I’m carrying about 4 pounds of sodium/water weight (there were tortilla chips involved. it wasn’t pretty. i ate them like a minecraft character and pieces flew everywhere. you think i’m joking. i’m not). The next few weeks will be about getting back into the groove with my workouts and making some good meals and snacks.

Yesterday I did a full body workout and it took me almost an hour to do five exercises!
Monday’s workout:
Today I did front delts, tri’s, & bi’s and it went much better.
Tuesday’s Workout:


Ok, that’s it for today. I’ll attempt to write stuff down when it comes to me so that I remember what I wanted to blog about. It’s all a learning process, right? Yes. I am right. Because it’s my blog. 🙂

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