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Blogging as an introvert has a few challenges. I have things I want to share. I don’t know you well, I’m not going to share! Seriously, I think it’s going to take a few weeks of getting on here every (other) day and practice sharing/blogging to get the hang of it and feel comfortable.

Other introvert-y things of late… I have to call the insurance company for getting the Omnipod & Dexcom switched over. I just had to do this in June when the company was bought out and switched insurance, and now the new company is started and they have new insurance. Yes, that was 2 months ago that I had to speak on the phone with strangers and I’m just not up to it again yet! Also, i’m totally thrilled that we’ll have to pay deductibles again halfway through the year. Then we’ll have to pay them again in 6 months. Three deductibles within a year’s time because of company buyouts and start ups and then the turn of the year.

Another struggle I have – not introvert related- is fear of failure (hey look, i’m sharing something). I have committed to being as consistent as someone with my flighty brain can be about blogging for the next year even if no other single soul reads it. I just have to keep at it. Just do the thing. I’ll get better at it. I’ll keep at it. Next week i’ll work on writing things that aren’t just my workouts for the day. They may be fitness related, but maybe more informational than ‘here’s what I did today’.

Got a little workout in yesterday. Mostly hip thrusts, then some deads, and bent over rows. That was all. Took forever and I was sore within the hour. It doesn’t always take a lot. But I do need to do better this coming week. You know what, I’m starting a 2 month “be consistent” challenge for myself starting Monday. We’re going to a Lindsey Stirling concert at the end of October and I’d like to be able to fit comfortably into my jeans! Being consistent in my workouts and food choices (pretend you don’t see anything about peach pie below) will help me reach that goal.

Oh, checked the garden this morning and I have 21 sprouts of corn !!! Yay for things growing!

Also making some progress on my fitness app, so things are looking good there.

That’s it. Was up early today, got some stuff cleaned, laundry done, checked the garden, played a brutal level of xcom2, and got some things ordered to finish off my workout journals. Not even 11 am and most of what needed to get done is done. Except for the peach pie, need to make that. But all the little chores are done. Gonna finish up my last bit of work for the week, then the rest of the day is up for grabs.

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