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I had to choose a category (well, I didn’t really HAVE to, but i’m trying to be good about actually doing it), and uncategorized completely summarized my past two weeks. I’m just all over the place in my mind and can’t focus. I keep putting off the blog because reasons. However, I’ve decided short little blogs are better than no blogs that are longer. What?

Today I did my first workout in a week. I took the whole week off, with only one little stretching session on Monday. I kinda needed it. Mostly needed it. I was in this big, horrible func (lol, been working on my programming and totally spelled that wrong. I should fix it, but it made me laugh so i’m keeping it there. “horrible funk”). I’ve pulled out of that a bit, and moving on with the week. Maybe that will be a separate post about the func and the fix. I don’t want to rabbit trail.   too   late

Yesterday I did a bunch of gardening, with Ted carrying all of the bags of dirt for me and stuff because I was sick for about 3 days. ZERO strength or energy. We (Ted) cut my old rain barrel in half and planted corn in them. I made some sacks from burlap and planted potatoes in those. And peanuts! Those should be fun. I’m not sure how they’ll be fun, but it seems they should be.  So now I have those going, plus carrots, lettuces of 3 types, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, celery, peas, basil, beans, cilantro, cukes, brussels sprouts, and maybe more stuff? I can’t remember now, and I know I ordered like 5 more seeds of stuff yesterday. Really excited to see how things do in their containers and burlap sacks as opposed to the raised beds I’ve tried.

Anyhow, getting outside and working in that dirt felt so good and when we were done I felt a bit better. Feeling even better today. My workout was rather lightweight and nothing to brag about. But i’m going to show it off in all of it’s (non)glory here!

Oops, Um, i’ll come back and add it when I’ve taken a pic. Yes, it’s an upside down pic. I don’t care! 🙂 Basically I did Barbell Complexes- just doing all of the moves continually without a break until finished with the round. Three rounds of 6 reps with the bar (45#). I told you all it was light. I did:
Romanian Deadlifts
Bent Over Rows
Upright Rows
Mililtary BB Shoulder Press
Bicep Curls
Bridge Thrusts
Floor Press


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